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Outlets: website contents/social media posts/blog posts/internal training docs/promotion videos

Tone of Voice: vivid and appealing, depicting a warm and welcoming image

Style Guide: natural, creative & easy to read

Challenges: reconstructing connotations with the target audience in mind and original intentions intact, highlighting exciting news, latest updates and product features;

Solutions: dedicated glossaries and product-specific style guide to help maintain consistency and scaling.

Website/Social MediasIn Other Words (ZH-CH)
Press Release

XX will open its very first flagstore in China, showcasing a boutique and a XX snack bar. The store features multiple rooms, blending XX style with Chinese-inspired components and adopting multiple shades of yellow as key colors and as a nod to the brand’s heritage.

Signature icons are also subtly displayed in unexpected locations, adding an element of surprise and a dose of joy to the space. An illustration of contemporary design characterized by clean lines, brown marble floors and warm beige palette.

Harmonious metal wall paneling, together with micro mosaic patterned glass tiles and decorative wall accents, add to the engaging scene. Shopping spaces is illuminated by recessed ceiling lighting and floor-to-ceiling windows with bustling city views.

    XX 即将在中国开设新的旗舰店,分设精品店与轻食吧。新店分成多个空间,以深浅不一的黄色为主色调,呼应品牌传统,融合 XX 风格与中国风元素。



Press Release

As the new millenium is going into 20, the House has dedicated a special campaign to illustrate its visionary creativity. the House has called upon a group of dancers and created a choreography as the backbone of this campaign.

The dance moves are an inner expression of the bodies, they also sublimate the suppleness of the luxury fabrics, fitting with the spirit of the SS ready-to-wear collection - a blend of street sportswear pieces and chic tailoring inspired of vintage 80s silhouettes worn with a new attitude. The talented photographer who captures the inner souls of people of the world, grab the grace of the young dancing talents.

The result is a series of images filled with dynamism and the joy of living, as well as short clips, and videos, shot by French videographer on a swinging jazzy-latino hip hop, that puts you in the mood for move. Two generations later, it has established its worldwide aura by combining craftsmanship with cutting- edge technologies, discreet refinement of quality with daring creativity to capture a moving society and give birth to the daring nonchalance and much coveted Parisian je-ne- sais-quoi.

    正值千禧年迈入头 20 年之际,该品牌巧妙构思特别的宣传大片,传递其富有洞见的创造力。品牌召集了一组舞蹈精灵,精心编排舞蹈,缔造广告大片的主旋律。

    春夏成衣系列融合了街头风运动单品和时尚精致剪裁,以全新姿态演绎 80 年代的复古廓形,舞者的曼妙舞姿既是内在心灵的艺术表现,又以灵动姿态凸显奢华面料的柔韧质地,完美契合该系列的创新精神。才华横溢的摄影师以捕捉拍摄对象的内在灵气见长,凭借高超技巧将舞者的优雅姿态定格,呈现迷人风采。


Product Feature

The trapeze clutch introduced in the new collection is made of an ultra-supple lambskin leather and features an understated monogram signature on the back. It has an oversized shape with a maxi lozenge quilting, showcasing the softness of the leather and the puffy hand of the bag.

By combining unique design and on-trend silhouette, it shouts out sophistication and relaxed, unstructured feel. To be carried by hand or under the arm, it is comfortable and body friendly, with a large capacity, making it the faithful day-to-night companion of modern women.



Product Feature

Must-haves of the season, these cardigans feature 80s-inspired abstract motifs. such head-turning knitwears are the central, graphic elements of the looks as they need nothing else other than simple black pieces to compose eye-catching silhouettes.

The graphic work on chevron and leopard knitted jacquards is highlighted by the richness of the textures thanks to a touch of mohair wool. Tuck the knit in high-waisted pants and highlight the waist with a narrow white belt to sharpen the look.

    这款羊毛开衫饰有特色的 80 年代的抽象图,是当季必备款式。针织衫采用魅力十足的图案设计,无疑会成为造型的中心元素,仅需搭配简约黑色单品,便可打造亮眼装扮,赢得超高回头率。


Design Feature

Going back to the tradition of couture shoes made of feathers or in satin, the designer imagined high-heeled, glamorous sandals for summer. Whether it is with ostrich feathers adorning a high-heeled thong or the fuchsia and retro gold satin meant to highlight the silhouette, these styles are attitude boosters to add a touch of seduction to a look.

Played in echo with the colors and adornments of a particular dress or to contrast an all-black look, the sandals bring a distinctive and sharp allure for those who dare to assume their femininity.



Design Feature

The indigo pigments don’t fully soak the cotton threads. With pigments fading over time, the denim showcases its own personality. Wearing habits, level of care, and movement also contribute to the worn-out look.

Wash of denims are taken place in laundries, either with pumice stones undergoing erosion, or with enzymes, which soften the stiff fabric. Use mechanical or handmade techniques to create finishes, such as holes, honeycombs, and whiskers.